Operated by Linnet Biopharmaceuticals Inc., Linnet Ventures launched in 2017.  We aim to identify and advance early stage products in the biopharma, nutraceutical and/or medical device space.  Our products must  improve the lives or overall health of our customers.  Our current lifestyle customers are coffee consumers.  



Why us?

Its all about team and results.  Here are some highlights from the careers of our executive team, board of directors and advisors:

  • Versatile experience in pharma, biotech, nutraceuticals, medical devices, consumer products, tech, private equity and venture capital.  Over $1B+ in consumer product sales. Over $1B+ completed in pharma and medical device licensing deals.
  • Executives, VPs or Directors at the largest pharmaceutical and consumer product companies in the US including: Genentech, Gillette, Johnson and Johnson, Jazz Pharma, Abbott, Bayer, Regeneron, Biogen, Roche and TAPP Pharma.
  • More than half of our team holds a JD, PharmD, PhD or MBA degree.  Some of us are Harvard educated, while others are 'school of hard knocks' educated.
  • Several of our team members have started and sold their own companies.


For New Ventures and Startups


External Management Roles

We fill the business roles that support the practical business aspects of an early developed Pharma company.  CEO, Fundraising, Business Planning, Market Analysis, Business Development, Out-Licensing or Sales.

Advisory Partnerships

Sweat equity advisory services, board seats etc.  Industry connections to the consultants that we use.  Fundraising coaching in your existing network.


We step in as co-founders.  We support your fundraising efforts with our experience and knowledge in accessing capital.  Full access to our human capital resources.